Al-Mosa Real Estate Group promotes Pearl Industrial blocks project with great success

The public auction of Pearl Industrial blocks project, carried out by Mosa Al-Mosa Real Estate and Investment Group, achieved a great success amid the competition of many investors in the industrial field who want to implement these exemplary and unique industrial projects in the local market, that emulate the most prominent projects in the region. It achieved a great success in meeting the desires of major investors to invest in this giant project, which was fully marketed in less than two hours, as the project was sold at 100%…

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mousa Group praised the great turnout of investors and the influx of many of them from outside the Kingdom, and the competition for investment in this distinguished project, which achieved a very high rate of workshop reservation, stressing that the company’s projects, praise be to God, achieved great competitive rates due to their quality and strategic locations that keep pace with the developments of the present and foresee the future with a broad design and investment horizon in all areas that meet the aspirations for quality projects that achieve strategic gains for the beneficiaries, indicating that the project is a unique model.

Shaikh Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa affirmed that the group is working on expanding industrial projects and designing them appropriately, as is the case in the model Pearl Industrial Center, which is characterized by its nearness to the main roads and the availability of supportive attraction elements for investors, represented in the presence of buildings for singles, and shops for spare parts and services, and the accuracy of design and its luxury. He added that the project is the most prominent and important in the Riyadh region, which has achieved a great demand since its announcement, and has attracted a high percentage of well-known and recognized investors with specialization in this field.

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