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"Rowad At-Taqdir" Company


Estimation Pioneers

“Rowad At-Taqdir” Center provides a vehicle accident damage assessment service in Dammam, the Eastern Province, by estimators accredited by the Saudi Authority for Accredited estimators. Vehicles are evaluated in an easy and convenient integrated system in accordance with the highest international standards to protect the rights of the vehicle owner.

“Rowad At-Taqdir” is accredited by the Saudi Authority for Accredited estimators.

Taqdir system

Taqdir is an integrated system for managing, operating and organizing vehicle accident damage assessment processes electronically, with a high technicality and professionalism, and according to the best international standards and metrics. Taqdir System works on governing procedures and technical liaison with all parties concerned with assessing vehicle damage, starting with traffic accident reports and assessment centers, then spare parts suppliers, and ending with insurance companies and traffic departments, in order to facilitate and simplify procedures for those affected by traffic accidents.

Taqdir criteria

Repair wages value and parts pricing:

The process of calculating labor wages and pricing of spare parts depends on the average public wages at the level of repair centers and parts suppliers that guarantee the quality and safety of the vehicle after repair. The piece is repaired if its damage is minor and superficial, and it can be repaired and a thin putty layer is added, which does not affect the quality of the piece if required, and in this case only repair fees are calculated. And the part should be replaced if the damage is significant, or the repair may affect the following characteristics:

The quality
Dimensions of the piece
The replacement parts are chosen according to the following criteria in a manner that preserves the rights of all parties.