Annual Iftar party

11 Ramadan – 1440 AH

Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Real Estate Group organized its annual Iftar for its employees, which came within the framework of the group’s keenness to enhance the spirit of communication among its employees as one family that seizes the blessed month in achieving a symbiotic and mutually supportive humanitarian message.
For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Real Estate Group, affirmed that organizing the annual Iftar party is an occasion to confirm the bonds of interconnectedness between all employees of the group, which always strives to maintain its working structure united, coherent, and harmonious. He pointed out that such occasions, in addition to being of noble religious value and message, support the bonds of brotherhood and love among the group’s members, and that is what is taken care of, especially in such blessed days in which we live in a spiritual atmosphere that transcends and elevates souls.

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