Al-Mousa Logistic Warehouses

  • Location:Riyadh
  • Type: Commercial - Industrial
  • Status:Completed
The site plan is located at the best sites allocated for warehouses, approximately 8 km far from downtown at the south of Riyadh city. Addar Al-Baidha neighborhood – Azizia neighborhood – Defense neighborhood – Al-Kharj Road housing neighborhood – Arafat Road – Al- Kharj Road – Yaguit Road first housing bridge – Public Azizia Road.

– Land sizes are suitable for warehouses
– The Project is close to Riyadh downtown and is 8 km approximately far from the center of Riyadh
– Close to the commercial and industrial centers as well as the distribution centers in the city centre
– Close to the first industrial city which is 7 km far from the project
– Easy exit and entry to the site, 30 m wide interior streets
– The project is developed and all the infrastructure facilities are available; pavement, lighting, water network, and power network
– Supporting services (mosques, imam and Mu’azin housing, public quarters)
– Front parking areas to all the land tracts

Master Plan