Logistics warehouses’ auction achieves 100% sales in record time

Al-Mosa logistics warehouses’ auction achieved an obvious success, which was evident through the number of attendees and their specializations in the areas targeted by the plan and the record time at which the auction was concluded (within less than 80 minutes from the start of the auction), which was interspersed with Al-Maghrib prayer.
The auction, organized by Rawaj Real Estate Company, a member of Mosa Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Group and the exclusive marketer of warehouses, was held in the presence of industrialists, investors and interested in the real estate sector, especially since the scheme is located in an area full of industrial activity because it is close to the second industrial city in addition to its location on the most important axial roads leading to inside and outside Riyadh, close to the extension of Al-Kharj Road and at the intersection of Al-Yaqout and Port Said Roads.
This success comes as an extension of the contributions of Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Group, the owner and developer of the scheme, in real estate development and the provision of real estate products of all kinds (residential, commercial and industrial) to the local market. The idea of the project comes from the need for diversity in service projects in strategic locations that meet the market requirements.
Due to the record speed with which all land plots and ready-made warehouses and others that are still under construction were sold, the auction has been classified as one of the best auctions that have been held recently, especially in the aspect of logistics services schemes, which target special segments of customers who are interested in owning warehouses that supply their factories and their industrial and investment activities.
The Rawaj Real Estate Company clarified during the auction that a large number of those warehouses entered into investment, as they were leased for the benefit of the auctioneer, and this confirms the importance of the warehouse location and professional development… Then the auction moved to offering land plots, some of which have warehouses built on them and others could obtain building permits for them immediately.
Shaikh Mosa bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa, Chairman of Mosa Abdul-Aziz Al-Mosa and Sons Group, said after the conclusion of the auction: We thank God Almighty for his bounty, generous giving and conciliation, which was shown by the high turnout for the auction, which reflected the strategy of the schemed location near Al-Kharj Road and many of the economic roads axes in Riyadh and its nearness to industrial cities and the junction of highways such as the southern and eastern ring roads.
Al-Mosa emphasized that the turnout reflects the urgent need for logistics services schemes in the region, and this is another indication that real estate and industrial investment activities and what is related to them are witnessing an increasing effectiveness driven by the strength of the Saudi economy, which the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques continues to support with all its capabilities.
Al-Mosa said: Al-Mousa logistics warehouse area is the natural extension of industrial cities in Riyadh and warehouse projects with such an organization, and these distinct requirements that were applied in its establishment by Tlad Construction Company, one of the group companies, are considered pioneering by all standards and reflect our project ambition in pioneering this field and our desire to contribute to meeting the current deficit of Warehouses.
Al-Mosa pointed out that Nofudh Company, which is also one of the group’s companies, is managing warehouses and providing all maintenance work and security requirements for them .. All these factors contribute to giving the group elements of strength and distinction to possess the great amount of confidence reflected in the success of today’s auction.

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