Tilad Construction Company was established following the rapid growth of the construction of real estate activity in the in the Kingdom. It became an important tributary in the implementation of the projects of Mousa bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa & Sons Real Estate Group in all regions of the Kingdom.

And as successes continue through the company’s higher management commitment to excellence, the Tilad Company began to provide services outside the Group of Mousa bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa & Sons for Real Estate by the implementation of many construction projects, including infrastructure, residential complexes, commercial complexes, commercial towers, and industrial Plants in different regions.

Throughout a short period of time, tilad Construction Company was able to occupy a distinguished position among Elite construction companies. This would not be achieved without the deep mission and strategic approach that concentrates on building the bridges of confidence and professionalism with the partners of its success in all the projects.

Tilad Company adopts the latest engineering and administrative Methodology in the implementation of projects in order to keep up with the latest developments and technologies in the construction area, to ensure the highest levels of quality, Taking into account the most specific technical and engineering accredited standards in the promising environment of work, rich with managerial and technical experience.