Investment & Development Department has been established through resolution issued by Board Director HE-Sheikh \ Mosa bin abdulaziz Al Mosa concerning the organizational structure of Mosa bin abdulaziz Al Mosa and Sons Group, so that it may enhance the confidence in the investment opportunities, stimulate the investment, promote and boost
the economic turnover thereof.

The Management is keen to attract international and local investments, directing them to vital and strategic sectors of industry, agriculture and real estate, through creating the appropriate investment atmosphere, providing excellent service as an investor, and performing promotion for attracting international investment opportunities that lines with the development policies of Mosa bin abdulaziz Al Mosa and Sons Group.

The Mosa bin abdulaziz Al Mosa and Sons Group is a leading company in attracting successful investments in all fields such as real estate,industrial, agricultural and commercial investments. The group is trying to achieve a balance between the group and its investors goals ,and its clients’ ambitions and desires, through various projects reflecting the leadership and professionalism starting from projects primary study through the projects implementation and supervision.

The Mosa bin abdulaziz Al Mosa and Sons Group has visited several countries; such as Korea, Turkey, Hungary, Australia, Sudan, Morocco and Egypt to explore the investment opportunities, and concluded meetings with both businessmen and officials of leading levels of such countries.