Moses, the company was founded, and the sons of Sultan Abdul Aziz Al Mousa in 1414 at the hands of man my son first property in Saudi Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Moosa. Experience and assets of the profession and the patience and persistence that characterized the biography of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Mousa was and is the school in which to learn his sons to continue the march of the early pioneers of real estate in the Kingdom of generations of experience in the field of development and investment, architecture and real estate marketing continues.

Thanks to God and the wisdom of the company that adapted and effort invested hands of its employees as the optimal management of the company has been able to be one of the names referred to Mendez in the field of architecture and real estate development. It contributed to the consolidation of the concept of real estate development and pressed it in the real growth of the movement in the Kingdom by providing many of the land “housing schemes – business – investment – industrial” and that integrated brought infrastructure highest standards and specifications of the “asphalting and lighting, electricity, water and docks” to be ready for reconstruction of urban or residential projects suited to their clients.

And the diversity of its activities … the company created a giant construction projects “housing units – commercial centers – warehouses – industrial cities” the best specifications and high quality, with an eye for detail. He also contributed to the development of real estate marketing Movement through keep pace with modern developments in the field of modern marketing became truly reliable adviser and the first title in the real estate guide.

It resulted in the company’s policy to adopt leadership and excellence the basis of achievement for many architectural achievements in the field of residential, industrial and commercial schemes, building and reconstruction plans and complexes as well as a successful real estate contributions, and, for example, not limitation development schemes “Rahmaniyah planned projects, Eastern Muhammadiyah scheme, scheme Seville, scheme Moosa first news, Pearl scheme, hump knoll scheme, scheme Dora rite Abha, Dora Azizia scheme, and other “As construction projects and construction” tulip residential complex, Max trade Centre, villas Rahmaniyah Complex, villas Mohammedia Complex, Pearl Center for warehouses and centers distribution, forestry market news “, but the last of those projects that are still under construction projects,” Dora healing scheme – foramen scheme, the commercial center of the Pearl, the Pearl station. “

And the consolidation of its leadership the company permanently and effort tirelessly seeking to find and provide real estate opportunities that contribute to the reconstruction and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the company’s new studies have been drawn to several distinct vital projects completed all the perceptions and studies engineering and discretion details, and will direct entry and completion in the near future, “the coast Tower project news, project cars center scheme foramen news, project apartments Dora rite Abha. “