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Sheikh / Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Mousa, who was born in 1350 in the town of Albert, and his life began to like the kid at that time. Where he joined rings Education under the supervision of Sheikh / Mohammed bin Fahd bin Horny, learn reading, writing, memorizing the Quran, and began his career and is at the age of fifteen-year-old as a builder of houses mud and milk, and was conducted at that time one riyal in today, then began to cascade down in this area until it became Contracting takes to build palaces and mud houses, but it through years of struggle, race and patience managed to become one of the largest business in the UK. And that what he suffered from losses and setbacks during the beginnings of the early stages of his age is only an incentive to move forward to open new horizons, and was able to confirm that the trade and business are, above all, a good reputation and sincerity and commitment, and the proof is that the father did not forget the day I helped him and stop next to him and took his hand to take hold of the path of success, as it always reminds them of all the Council’s meeting.

It is an experience provided by our father for us and for the generations of young people and businessmen and investors, and we promise you today, my father that follow fault, and are on the Green, which Mahdth and the lights are shining for us and for the youth of the nation trail of success were planted.

Congratulations to us your father, and it will remain, God willing, a model of a self-made business man who knows that life is a sublime relations and that money is not the only source of happiness.